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We deal with a wide range of raw materials (dried smoked fish materials) from overseas markets and from the domestic market.

Our range of raw materials consists in dried smoked Skipjack Tuna (Bonito), Baby Tuna, Mackerel, Bullet Tuna, Sardine, etc. One of our main strengths is our strategic network of suppliers and partners from around the world.
In recent years, our company imports accounted for 40-50% of all the katsuobushi (raw material) imported into Japan. We believe that a strong network of suppliers worldwide as well as in the domestic market, helps us to:

1) Maintain the quality of the raw materials and consequently the end product;
2) Be able to offer a reasonable price;
3) Have no shortage of material throughout the year;

Our domestic partners are located in renowned fishing towns, such as Makurazaki, Yamagawa, Yaizu, Numazu, Tosa-Shimizu and Ushibuka. High quality, competitive price and stable supply. We do our best to fit your needs.

Ground Katsuobushi Powder

Our seaside factory in Japan is specialized in the production of bulk ground dried fish powder.
We produce around 2000 tons of powder per year. We can grind not only skipjack tuna but about any kind of dried fish. In addition to grinding, we can also sterilize katsuobushi powder, killing bacteria, yeast and mold in our machines. Our range of rough powders goes from 3mm to 30 mm and our range of fine powders goes from 20 mesh to 100 mesh up. We also can grind katsuobushi into any required fineness and according to your needs we can also blend fine and rough powders as well!

Expertise and quality in the quest for the perfect flavor.

Standard Dried Bonito Flakes (Hanakatsuo Kezuri), Crushed Flakes (Hasai Kezuri), Wide Shredded Flakes (Obi Kezuri), Narrow, String like Shredded Flakes (Ito Kezuri), Thick Flakes (Atsu Kezuri). You tell it, we make it!
Once we get an order, our teams of experts will check and decide which raw materials are best for each type of shaving.
Aiming to exceed your expectations, after deciding the materials, we will set the best processing conditions for each kind of product.
We are specialized in producing medium-scale orders for business use. In our standard conditions, we supply thin flakes from 500g/bag and thick flakes from 1 kg/bag. But surely, if you have any request, we will try our best to meet it.
Feel free to ask us, please.

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